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REVO-FLEX Fully Automatic Laminator with 4 Side Trim Function With Revo-Flex, you can easily select With/No Margin, also the various functions can make documents more expressive and suitable for any situation. Full-Auto Operated Laminator Feeding, Laminating, Cutting & Trimming are fully automated. Press the start button and walk away. 4 Side Trim Function Long-awaited new feature of Revo Series. Side slitters are equipped, it can be With-Margin or No-Margin lamination. LCD Touch Panel LCD touch panel makes any setting intuitive and easy. Easy Inside Cleaning Possible to easily clean the inside by using the ''Cover-Open Function''.   Specification:  Max. laminating width 320mm Max.Substrate thickness 38/80/100/150(exclusive film)*¹ Max. speed 7002,000mm/min (variable type) Laminating temperature OFF80140 Power requirement / consumption ULAC100V 50/60Hz 1000W External dimensions[WDH](mm) 1,300 610 1,080 (With stand, feeder tray, extension tray, stacker) Weight 70kg Feeder tray capacity 200 Sheets (copy paper) Available paper thickness 64 - 240g/m2 Warm-up time 5minutes(approx.)*² Size of paper used A3/A4/A5/B4/B5/Letter/Digital Finished size*³ With-Margin A3303426mm A4303216mm B4263370mm B5263188mm A5216154mm No-Margin A3294417mm A4294207mm B4254361mm B5254179mm A5207145mm   read more
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Summa F-Series Workshop Training

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KGT-2500A Scanning Digital Corrugated Printer Epson I3200-A Print Head Print Speed: up to 700 sqm/hr Material thickness: 2 - 30 mm Print Width: up to 2500mm Automatic loading length: 1450 mm Ink Features: 4-color, inkjet width 264mm, water based ink Able to print onto corrugated paper, wrapping paper, kraft paper, honeycomb paper One pass and Multi pass techonology optional No pre-coating, flexible and convenient, safe and eco-friendly DESCRIPTIONS KGT-2500A Scanning Digital Corrugated Printer For Carton Box and Package Printing read more
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Epson SurePress L-4733AW Digital Label Press STUNNING PRINTS WITH AQUEOUS INK TECHNOLOGY. Maximise your production run with Epsons SurePress L-4733AW. Equipped with the Aqueous Ink technology, the digital label press produces impeccable prints with consistent and accurate colour reproduction. Operators can easily realise highly precise colour matching by integrating the optional AS-4000 spectrophotometer to the L-4733AW. Printing on a wide range of label substrates and on an expanded colour gamut, the user-friendly SurePress L-4733AW is the ideal digital label press for all print-for-pay businesses. Epson SurePress AQ Aqueous Ink technology Improved ink drying with carriage and heater fans Wide colour gamut with 8-colour ink set Automatic colour matching with optional AS-4000 spectrophotometer High quality prints with Epson MicroPiezo printhead Make superior short-run printing more efficient and profitable with the SurePress L-4733AW digital label press. Equipped with Epsons innovative MicroPiezo inkjet technology, the printer also features the latest Aqueous Ink technology with a wider colour gamut. Streamline your current workflow with a versatile range of substrates and increased print speeds while keeping operating costs low with the L-4733AW.\ SUPERIOR PRINT QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY DUAL DRYING SYSTEM A unique two-stage drying process ensures optimum ink adhesion to label substrates. The first drying stage is a platen heater, which starts fixing the image onto the substrate. The substrate then moves down to the second drying stage, where hot air blown from a fan evaporates the remaining moisture. After drying, the substrate moves directly to the rewinder. SUREPRESS AQ INK A water-based pigment ink-set has been developed specifically for the SurePress L-4733AW with eight colours including green and orange for an extra-wide colour gamut. This ensures accurate colour reproduction for precise colour matching with excellent adhesion on a wide variety of label substrates, without the need for any pre-treatments or coatings. An opaque white ink is also available. WIDER COLOUR GAMUT The SurePress uses a water-based pigment ink that features a wide selection of colours that include Green and Orange, in addition to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Uncoated Black and White, expanding the colour gamut. The difference is especially noticeable in the bright green to yellow and yellow-orange-red portions of the colour space. The ink set allows you to have a higher print accuracy and colour saturation to make your labels look even more appealing on a wide variety of label stock substrates, without the need for any pre-processing. EXPAND YOUR OFFERING AND BOOST THE BOTTOM LINE Delivering impeccable prints across a wide range of label substrates, your business can boost profitability with an expanded print offering using the reliable SurePress L-4733AW. With accurate colour matching and consistency in colour reproduction, the efficient digital label press is perfect for all businesses. MICROPIEZO MULTI-PRINTHEADS SurePress leverages on Epsons advanced MicroPiezo inkjet technology, synonymous with high quality output, reliability and performance.  Using piezo electric technology, the amount of ink pulled into and expelled out of the nozzles can be very accurately controlled by varying the electrical charge applied to the piezo electric elements. This enables the print head to eject ink droplets in a range of precisely controlled sizes. MicroPiezo delivers accurate dot shapes and placement for each colour to ensure high-end colour quality and sharp detail needed especially for barcodes and small text. VARIABLE-SIZED DROPLET TECHNOLOGY Epsons Variable-Sized Droplet Technology produces different sized ink droplets as small as 3.0 picolitres. These precisely-sized droplets allow the ink to be uniformly applied, contributing to smooth gradations and accurate colours for optimum image quality.  INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY AND ACCURACY USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES Dual Ink Cartridges allows auto switching which ensures uninterrupted operations, minimising downtime during production. Ink levels are easily monitored via the display and empty cartridges can be easily removed during production without interruptions. ENHANCED FEATURES Equipped with an embedded display, operators can easily check ink levels and other production details without hassle. The SurePress L-4733AW comes with a temperature sensor, tape holder, and sitting board to facilitate device operation. With the carriage fan that improves initial drying, the digital label press also has a heater fan that supports the main drying process. EASE-OF-USE Save time and money with minimal maintenance requirements. The printing mechanism is easy to access and maintain. Additionally, ink replacement is quick and easy, without a need to stop the press – simply replace the empty ink cartridges and continue printing. Remote diagnostics and analysis is also available to support your business. QUICK AND FUSS-FREE SPOT COLOUR MATCHING* The SurePress L-4733AW supports the SureSpectro AS-4000 spectrophotometre, allowing the digital label press to realise highly precise colour matching for all its prints. *The AS-4000 is an optional component for the main unit.  Printing Technology: Print Head:MicroPiezo Printhead Ink Cartridge: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow,Orange, Green 700ml:Each 2 pcsPhoto Black:2 pcsUncoated Black:2 pcsWhite 600ml:2 pcsOver Print liquid 700ml:2 pcsMoisture liquid 700ml:1 pcStorage liquid 700ml:1 pc Connectivity: Network:Ethernet 1000 base-T or higher is recommendedEthernet:1000 Base-T or higher is recommended Ink: Ink Type:SurePress AQ Ink T4 (SurePress AQ Inks)Replacement Ink Cartridges:Black Uncoated Black Cyan Magenta Yellow Orange Green White Moisture Liquid Over Print Liquid Storage Liquid General: Weight:Weight of Press: Approx. 1,870kg including rewinder Weight of Rewinder: Approx. 180kgProduct Dimensions:Press (W x H x D): 3,950 x 2,020 x 1,910 mm Press & Rewinder (W x H x D): 5,100 x 2,020 x 1,910 mm Unwinder Capacity (Max.): 100kg weight / 1,000m length, 600mm diameter with 76mm (3) inner core Substrate Specification: Substrate Support:Standard self adhesive label substrate, Semi gloss, gloss and matte paper stock, BOPP, PET, Yupo and pre-laminated filmSubstrate Thickness:80 to 320 mRoll Width:80 to 334 mm (Adjustable to support any width in this range) Environmental Conditions: Temperature:Operating: 18C to 28CHumidity:Operating: 35% to 55% (no condensation)Sound Power:Operating: 75dB or less (excluding the alarm sound) Electrical Specifications: Power Supply:Input voltage range: Rated voltage 10% (180 – 220V) Rated voltage: AC (3 phases 3 lines) 200V Print Speed: Print Speed:Speed: Up to 8.2m per minute* 4 Pass: 5 m/min 6 Pass: 3.6 m/min 8 Pass: 2.8 m/min 16 Pass: 1.4 m/min Wh 4 Pass + Colour 6 Pass: 1.5 m/min Wh 6 Pass + Colour 6 Pass: 1.3 m/min Wh 8 Pass + Colour 6 Pass: 1.1 m/min Notes: * The actual throughput depends on a few factors: 1. The print quality required (which will determine the number of pass required) 2. The type of substrates used (which will have an impact on drying temperature and time balancing with the material robustness under heater. i.e. no crumbling etc.) Usage Restrictions: Epsons SurePress ink is not intended for direct food contact printing.     read more
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