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M2030 UV   HEAD : Ricoh Gen5 Print Heads PRINTING WIDTH : 2000mm*3000mm INK : UV Ink COLOR : CMYK/CMYK+W/W+CMYK+Varnish RESOLUTION : V720*600dpi,V720*900dpi,V720*1200dpi etc. 2000mm*3000mm UV Flatbed Printer With Ricoh Gen5 Print Heads  Craft Gift, Business & Screen Printing   UV Digital printer is competent to print most media, with convenient operation, high precision, low cost,white ink solution and without platemaking, UV technology has many advantages in screen printing. Decoration   Sole and personal digital customizing ! Directly print on decoration media such as Tile, Marble, Glass, Wallpaper, Plank, Leather, Mosaic and etc to unique decorati on including bright background, sliding door, fancy veneer, decorative paintings and etc.  Advertisement & Sign Applications   read more
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  Original Design 1st of the World Integrated with cutting tool, creasing wheel tool, plotting pen and CCD registration system, JWEI LST03 series digitally cut labels of any shape, folding cartons of any structure directly from your original designs.     No cutting dies Just send your designed files exported from Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW in the form of DXF, PLT, XML or CF2 to JWEI controller for processing, requiring no physical dies, saving cost and time for making dies. Kick the finishing jobs off by simply clicking the “Print” button.   Versatile fast sheet fed production Designed for short-run on-demand production, LST03 series are highly automated by QR code recognition function for auto retrieving cutting file. Only 15-70 seconds to finish a A3-B2 sheet (depends on complexity of shapes).     read more
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PrintLamCut Automation 3.0

PrintLamCut Automation 3.0

The demand for digital labels continues to grow! Since the production line can be fast, why choose slow?   We deeply understand that you may face the trouble of insufficient manpower, limited space, insufficient time, etc. that can not deliver on time! Now our PrintLamCut Automation 3.0 combines the latest and fastest oposcam camera cutting & Barcodes technology, which can easily handle multiple orders.   The combo of EPSON S80670, LAMI Camellia and Summa Oposcam S160 come with 2-years warranty , makes your production line worry-free ! Let your digital label business easily double up with new PrintLamCut Automation 3.0 ! ADVANCED CUTTER FOR HIGH-VOLUME VINYL AND DIGITAL PRINT SHOPS S Class 2™ tangential knife cutters feature the highest quality engineering and most advanced cutting technology to deliver the longest contour cutting accuracy for printed graphics.     OPOS CAM - TANGENTIAL CUTTING HEAD OPOS CAM models come with Summa’s Tangential blade module and are upgraded with the OPOS CAMera. These machines are suited best for label professionals in need of a faster, and more accurate cut.   By combining advanced camera optics technology with our intelligent CameraControl recognition software, Summa’s OPOS CAM series significantly increases registration-mark recognition while paired with the legendary performance of our True Tangential cutting head. By incorporating unprecedented speed, force, and accuracy, we held nothing back with the OPOS CAM Series.   Camera recognition with OPOS CAM Summa delivers yet another amazing innovation with the printing industry’s first camera recognition alignment solution for friction-driven vinyl drum cutters. OPOS Alignment for smart production The Optical Positioning System is an automated contour alignment system. The OPOS X sensor technology senses 4 to 128 marks on a wide range of materials. Enjoy a fully-automated workflow using OPOS barcodes, enabling you to contour cut multiple jobs without intervention. Enhanced speed with G-performance Boost the speed/performance of digital cutting operations by up to 40%. Notice the impact on wider substrates and faster reading of the registration marks. A servo-powered Roll-up System After a job is finished, the system will roll up the artwork neatly and prepare the machine for the next unattended job. The integrated panelling feature splits long-length runs into shorter consecutive jobs. Unmatched Die-Cutting Precision Summa's unique FlexCut feature takes cutting technology to the next level. This adjustable feature creates a perforated cut that allows the material to retain the necessary rigidity to transport through the cutter while remaining easy to break apart into individual pieces.   Legendary tracking for ultimate precision Summa's exclusive MicroSprocket™ drive drum, coupled with powerful servo motors, delivers jaw-dropping accuracy. Media is conditioned as it advances to assure spot-on tracking precision. Vibrant Colour Touch Screen The intuitively redesigned menu system and full-colour touch interface allow for effortless navigation. Tactile and easy to use, the touch screen displays large amounts of information in an easily accessible format. Ethernet Connectivity Multiple computers can now control one unit across a network, or a crossover cable can be used for direct connection - creating an all-new avenue for faster communication and data transmission speeds.     UNRIVALLED TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Summa S Class 2 cutters are built on a foundation of rock-solid reliability and offer features to handle virtually any material you feed them with.     read more
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Expand Your Business Opportunities with Epson Resin Ink Technology Free of Harmful Chemicals   Resin ink consists of water base liquid, pigment and resin.   Completely free of harmful chemicals with lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Printed applications can be used in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals and hotels. Supports environmental certifications such as ECOLOGO, HAPs Free, REACH, Nordic Swan, GREENGUARD, French-VOC, AgBB.  Compatible With Rigid & Flexible Media   Tiled signage such as window displays and wallcoverings can be easily placed and aligned into position due to the printer's highly accurate substrate control.  This reduces overall fitting time and the amount of failed installations on site. Skip Curing & Laminate Directly After Printing   Contains highly-efficient drying and curing process, which allows for instant lamination.  Enjoy the competitive advantage of delivering the final product to your clients with a much lesser turnaround time. What's New in Epson R-Series? Newly Designed Three Stationed Heating System   Provides even drying with 3 heating stations (pre-heat, platen-heat and post-cure heat) which also improves color uniformity, print after print.   Longer Print Runs   Supported by ‘hot-swap’ ink system that automatically switches from an empty ink pack to a new ink pack mid-print for uninterrupted printing. Lower Total Cost of Ownership   With the inclusion of 3-liter ink pouches, the total cost of ownership will be much lower, benefiting users in the long run. Software Solutions For Maximized Efficiency   Epson Control Dashboard, Epson Edge Print (RIP), and LFP Accounting Tool set any business on track to maximize efficiency with enhanced control over your prints. Advanced Auto Tension Control (Ad-ATC)   Ad-ATC offers accurate dimensional stability required for tiled work such as window displays and wall coverings. This new feature also saves material wastage, installation time and provides seamless experience for the user.  Epson R-Series Specification Print Printing Technology Advanced PrecisionCore® TFP® 12-channel drop on demand, inkjet printhead with ink-repelling coating technology Ink Type UltraChrome RS ink; 6-color+ Optimizer Production Edition Ink Configuration C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, OP, ML Nozzle Configuration Color and monochrome heads; 1,600 nozzles x 2 Droplet Technology Variable Droplet Technology Maximum Resolution 1200 x 2400 dpi Printer Language/Drivers Epson ESC/P® raster   Epson Ink Supply System1 Ink Supply Tank Fill Volume 1,500 mL x 2 each color; 6 colors total Ink Pack Shelf Life 2 years from printed production date Printer is designed for use with Epson ink packs only, not thirdparty ink systems*   Roll Media Handling Single Roll-to-roll 64'' wide Media Core 2'' or 3'' core diameter Maximum Roll Diameter Up to 9.8'' Maximum Roll Weight Up to 100 lb Media Thickness 1 mm thick Take-up Reel Fully automatic “wind in” or “wind out” with tension control   Printable Area and Accuracy Maximum Paper Width 64'' Minimum Paper Width 11.8'' Left/Right Margins 0.20'' (0.40'' total) Maximum Printable Width Up to 63.6''   General Weight and Dimensions (W x D x H) 116'' x 41'' x 70'' (2,949 mm x 1,045 mm x 1,774 mm) Weight: 990 lbs (449kg) Acoustic Noise Level Approx 66.1 dB Temperature Operating: 59 F to 86 F (15 C to 30 C) Relative Humidity Operating 20 – 80% (no condensation) Operating (recommended): 40 – 60% (no condensation) Electrical Requirements Printer: Requires two outlets   Printer Interfaces Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (1 port) 1000Base-T Ethernet (1 port) Operating Systems Supported Windows® 10 and 8.1 Epson Edge Print Minimum PC Requirements: 2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD, DVD-ROM or Internet connection Recommended PC Specifications 3GHz or higher quad core CPU, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, and high-speed Internet connection   General (Continued) Voltage: AC 200-240 V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Current: 16 A x 2 Power Consumption Printing: Approx 4.6 kW Standby: Approx 220 W Sleep Mode: Approx 44 W Power Off: Approx 1.0 W Limited Warranty and Service Standard 1-year limited warranty. Optional Epson Service programs available for a total of 3 years of coverage. Country of Origin China   Eco Features GREENGUARD Certified WEEE Compliant RoHS Compliant REACH Compliant       read more
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